RARE Congratulates New Wildlife Rehabilitators

The RARE Group is excited to announce that four of our volunteers have received their  general wildlife rehabilitator licenses!  Ellen Dice, Lisa Dreesman, Luke Hart, and Eric Kahl were apprenticed by fellow RARE member, Jodeane Cancilla.

The first step in getting their general wildlife rehabilitation permit was to apply for their apprenticeship rehabilitation license.  Once they received their apprenticeship license, they spent one year learning under master rehabilitator, Jodeane.  Once the year was complete, they applied for the general permit by writing a narrative detailing why they want to work with wildlife, their experience with animal care and written examples of their care procedures.  Each applicant also needed to have a letter of recommendation written by their master rehabilitator.

Jodeane, a master wildlife rehabilitator, started doing wildlife rehabilitation in the 1980s. At the time, permits had to be issued by Iowa Department of Natural Resources and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Unfortunately there were not a lot of other rehabilitators in the state or national organizations to learn from. Those who were doing rehab networked and bounced ideas and treatments off of each other, sharing successes as well as failures in our attempt to give the best care possible to their patients. Gradually, Wildlife Rehabilitation was recognized by the IDNR and USFWS as a profession (mostly unpaid). It was during these early years that guidelines were established for standardized care and uniform licensing.

In order for wildlife rehabilitation to continue, Jodeane believes current master rehabilitators have an obligation to mentor the next generation of wildlife rehabilitators. Ideally, wildlife rehabilitators will be paid for the time, effort and personal expense that goes into the high quality of care given to Iowa’s wild creatures by these dedicated individuals.

Please join us in congratulating and welcoming Lisa Dreesman, Ellen Dice, Eric Kahl and Luke Hart to the profession of wildlife rehabilitation!

photos by Nikki Herbst