First of all, we want to express our gratitude to the Hy-Vee Wine and Spirits Department on 1st Ave. in Iowa City for allowing us to be part of their wine- and beer-tasting event last Friday.  Many local friends and supporters came out for that, and we received $260 in donations.  In addition, Hy-Vee donated 5% of the sales during the evening, which amounted to $240 – a grand total of $500! Now for an EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT:  As of July 1, RARE will have A CLINIC WE CAN CALL OUR OWN.

Thanks to the generosity of a couple of dedicated supporters, we are going to be leasing — at below market cost — a brand new 1200-square-foot space that will give us plenty of room to receive and provide medical treatment for distressed raptors.

We will continue to rely on the veterinary services of Dr. Mary Ebert at Gentle Hearts Pet Clinic and Dr. Kim Vercande at Best Friends Veterinary Care.

The biggest challenge we now face is finding the resources to make our clinic a functioning reality.  We need to furnish it with medical and office equipment, appliances, and supplies.  And we are going to need a steady flow of income to pay the monthly rent and utilities.


Our rent (again, below market value) will be $500 per month plus utilities, which we estimate at about $100.  The HyVee event has given us what we need for the first month’s rent.  One of our friends has suggested that IF 20 PEOPLE WOULD BE WILLING TO CONTRIBUTE $30 PER MONTH FOR THE NEXT 11 MONTHS, the rent and utilities would be covered for our first year.

Our PayPal account includes an option for a recurring payment, which you could cancel at any time or could extended for as long as you desire.  Any amount, whether recurring or a one-time contribution, will help keep us in the black.

Our In-kind Donations list is updated.  If you have or know where you can acquire an item on this list and are willing to donate it to RARE, please email us so that we can determine whether it meets our needs or we have already received it.  We ask that you not call our telephone hotline so that we can reserve that number for reports of birds in need of help.

All of us at RARE are thankful for your partnership in helping all of the birds that come our way.