We Need Your Help! Build a new space for our education birds!

RARE would like to build a flight cage for our education birds!   RARE currently provides continuing care for four raptors that are non-releasable, due to physical limitations that would inhibit their ability to survive in the wild.  These birds now enjoy life at our RARE facility, and occasionally, they go "on tour" in order to educate the public about raptors and their important part in the environment.  Our proposed flight cage will provide a significant improvement to their quality of life, by giving them additional living area.  We have set up a Go Fund Me page to raise the money needed for this new space.  Please consider supporting the "stars" of RARE!


 Photos by Nikki Herbst

Blick Sponsors "For the Birds" Art Exhibit in Support of RARE

The RARE Group is honored and excited to announce a special opportunity from Blick Art Materials! Blick will be holding a juried bird-themed small-works art exhibition in conjunction with Iowa Arts Fest, June 1-3. Please see the attached (awesome) poster for more details. Entries must be submitted by May 27. A portion of the sales from the exhibition will be donated to RARE. Stay tuned for more details!!

Happy Birthday to Us! Introducing our Amazon Wishlist...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!!!! What a year we have had. We have responded to over 260 calls, and have helped close to 250 birds, in an area expanding to ~90 mile radius surrounding our base in Iowa City!

Want to help us celebrate? We have a list ;) https://www.amazon.com/…/3IEUM9JQ8SNXP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_ep_ws…

Items on our wishlist range from medical supplies to larger pieces of equipment and tools that would be helpful in our facility. There are quite a few items that are relatively inexpensive, but are very helpful to our patients! If you have Amazon Prime, most of these items ship directly to us at no charge to you. Not all items on the list will allow you to write a note to us in “gift options,” so please send us a message to let us know you purchased a gift for us, so we can properly thank you! PS - Use Amazon Smile to support the RARE Group when you make your purchase :)

If you are interested in supporting The RARE Group in other ways, please take a look at the other posts from this week; you can volunteer to help, buy a bag of birdseed, shop for our firewood at Willow & Stock, register and use Amazon Smile, donate through our Paypal links on our Facebook page or website, or support us by eating at Hudson's on Wednesday, December 6th! We are so grateful for our community of supporters, and for everyone who helps with our mission of Raptor Advocacy, Rehabilitation and Education!!

#GivingTuesday; Highlighting the Dangers of Fishing Line

This #GivingTuesday, we humbly ask that you would consider donating to The RARE Group using the "Donate" button on our Facebook page or on our website. Our group is staffed entirely by volunteers, so 100% of your donation goes toward our mission of advocacy, rehabilitation and education. Our average cost per raptor is approximately $130/year, which is an increase from last year because it was our first full year that we paid for dedicated space to house and treat raptors and other birds.

Part of the mission you support with your donation is education. The attached photograph is a barred owl who is currently in our care - it was caught in fishing line. Two of his feathers became entangled in a single piece of fishing line that was hanging from a branch. He has a lot of wounds and injuries, but we will hope for the best.

We want to remind people to PLEASE PICK UP fishing line; please cut it down when you get it caught in a tree, please paddle over to a snag that it is caught in, etc. If you see fishing line when you are outdoors, please take the initiative and remove it. Some areas have receptacles especially for fishing line, but if there is none, please take it down and cut it into small pieces that animals can not become tangled in before disposing of it.

Please share this information with your friends and family, and help make the outdoors safer for our wildlife. Thank You!

Cyber Monday - Support RARE With Amazon Smile!

It's Cyber Monday! Are you shopping on Amazon? If you are, please consider shopping through https://smile.amazon.com, and designating your charity as The RARE Group!

Find out what to do here: http://theraregroup.org/rare-amazonsmile/

One person who ordered regularly from Amazon Smile generated close to $20 this year for the RARE Group. If we had just five people shopping Amazon Smile over the course of one year, it could support the care of one injured raptor. Please register today, and also, encourage your family and friends to sign up as well. It's simple and costs you nothing, but it can make a big difference!

Sponsor An Education Bird!

Day 4 of our Birthday Bash! Today's fun fact: The RARE Group had 1,887 people attend 49 educational programs in eight Iowa counties in 2017!
Did you know that you can sponsor one of our educational raptors? For a $125 donation, we will issue you a certificate appreciation for supporting one of our four birds: Asio the Screech Owl, Killy the Kestrel, Mo the Red-tailed Hawk or River the Barred Owl. Each of these birds came to us injured and were nursed back to health. They are now otherwise healthy birds, but have conditions which render them unable to survive in the wild, so they serve as ambassadors to help people understand more about raptors and their importance to our world. Please call us or send a message to help@theraregroup.org for more information!
This would be a wonderful gift to our community!

Small Business Saturday! Buy a BUNDLE at Willow & Stock!

It is Small Business Saturday! Today, we'd like to encourage you to visit our friends at Willow & Stock. They have many beautiful gifts, AND you can purchase RARE Group firewood! Half of the proceeds will come back to The RARE Group. You can buy a BUNDLE :)

Fun fact for today... did you know that bats often use the shaggy bark of the Shagbark Hickory tree (Carya ovata) to rest under during the day before becoming active at night? Bats, like raptors, are a critical part of our ecosystem!

Photos by Willow & Stock

Black Friday - Birdseed For Sale!


Happy Black Friday!

As you are making your list and checking it twice, do you have any bird lovers to buy for?

We have an amazing deal for you! 40-lb bags of premium bird seed for only $25 - and the proceeds benefit The RARE Group! Give us a call at (319) 248-9770 or send us an email at help@theraregroup.org to get your order in!

Our Fun Fact for Friday... did you know that The RARE Group not only helps raptors, we also help songbirds, water fowl and other birds? In 2017, we assisted 88 non-raptors!! Photos by Nikki Herbst