A Few Words About Baby Birds :)


Baby season is upon us again, and now injured and orphaned baby birds in our care can have a cozy place to recover thanks to Wildlife Rescue Nests (https://www.facebook.com/wildliferescuenests/). Registered Volunteer Penny Whiting from Wildlife Rescue Nests crafted several dozen cozy nests of all sizes for our young wild patients. Thank you Penny!


As always, we do prefer to keep baby birds with their parents so they can learn to be healthy, wild birds. If you find a bird that is out of its nest that is not injured or truly orphaned, we recommend getting the bird back into its nest or into another nest structure so that the parents may still care for it. Please see this website with information on nestlings, fledglings, and surrogate nests for more information. https://theiwrc.org/resources/emergency/north-america#subtitle3-identifier